Cleaning & Care

For use in domestic as well as industrial applications

Over the last decades, together with well-known companies from the cleaning industry, we have developed an almost unlimited assortment of cleaning textiles.

Pile fabrics are now an essential product in the cleaning industry. Many different yarns in combination with different pile heights (from 3mm to 47mm) and weaves allow an enormously wide range of applications.

The plush-like textile structure increases the surface that can be cleaned. The pile height in conjunction with the selected fibre blend can optimize water absorption, soil binding, soil loosening, the so-called cleaning effect.

POPP Velourstex offers innovative textiles for all types of surface cleaning and care. Be it bristly fabrics with a high abrasive action, soft absorbent microfibre fabrics or bioactive disinfecting fabrics with silver ions – our products are used both in domestic and industrial applications.



Velourstex Custom-made products

We develop the perfect fabric for your requirements