Cosmetics & Body Care

Versatile fabrics for demanding body care

Whether soft microfibre fabrics for facial cleansing or bristly fabrics for peeling - our fabrics can be used in various ways in body care.

Body cleansing with washable and reusable textiles is not just a trend, but a sign of a changing mindset. Disposable make-up wipes and even wet wipes for babies are increasingly being replaced by washable microfibre or mixed-fibre products.

Our particularly soft products allow especially gentle cleansing, using only warm water and without skin-irritating products such as soap, toner or cleansing oils. The result is the high cleaning effect without chemical and mechanical irritation of the skin.

With this small contribution, you not only protect your sensitive skin, but also the environment.



Velourstex Custom-made products

We develop the perfect fabric for your requirements