POPP Velourstex - GOT Organic certified by CERES-0951

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Toy plush and velvet for the highest demands

We have been supplying plushes and velvets to toy manufacturers from all over Europe for four decades.

POPP Velourstex - GOT Organic certified by CERES-0951

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Our Gots certification refers to some of our cotton plushs and velvets.


Toy plushes and velvets made of mohair, alpaca, wool, cotton and viscose have always been one of our key areas. Our customers can choose from an extensive collection of fabrics, so that there are no limits to creativity.

Our fabrics made of GOTS-certified (organic) cotton are our special favourites. They meet the highest standards for material chemistry, mechanics, flammability as well as proofness against sweat and saliva in accordance with DIN 53160/1-2 and DIN EN ISO 105-E04:2013-08. Ensure the safety of our little ones with our plushes.

A trustful relationship between customers and suppliers throughout the entire manufacturing chain is extremely important, especially in the manufacture of toys and baby products.


Velourstex Custom-made products

We develop the perfect fabric for your requirements